Who Should I See?

It can be hard to decide which clinical staff member you should make an appointment with. To help you can use the table below to decide whether you need to see a nurse, health care assistant or nurse prescriber. You can also use our “Who do I see?” drop down box on the home page for further information.

Nurse Appointments Nurse Prescriber & Minor Illness Nurse Appointments Health Care Assistant Appointments
Blood Pressure Monitoring Bruised Ribs Diet/Lifestyle Advice
Bruised Ribs Chest Infections Dressings
Burns Constipation Ear Irrigation
Cervical Smears Diarrhoea ECG’s
Children’s Immunisations Earache Flu Injections
Chronic Heart Disease Eye Infection General Medicals
Disease Monitoring Eye Injuries NHS Health Checks
Diet/Lifestyle Changes Hay Fever Pneumococcal Injections
Insect Bites Sore Throat Slimming World Vouchers
Minor Head Injuries Urine Infections Suture/Clip Removal
Removal of Stitches Vitamin B12 Injections
Travel Advice
Travel Vaccinations